Leadership Trait: Good Communicator

High on my personal list is the ability for a leader to be a good communicator. As with honesty and integrity, this is a necessary trait. A leader that is unable to communicate effectively is lacking in the ability to lead. Communication is a necessary and vital part of what makes a good leader and must be high on the list of desirable traits.

President Ronald Reagan was a prime example of being a good communicator. He used examples and illustrations very effectively. One of the most memorable examples is when he used a biblical text about the city set on a hill. In that speech he wanted all who heard it to understand what he wanted to convey. There were few if any that failed to understand what he was saying in that State of the Union message. He made his point very effectively.

This is an illustration of why good communication skills are very important to a leader. You must say what you need to say and convey to your audience and listeners exactly what you want them to understand. Without good communication skills, what a leader wants understood can be misconstrued or misunderstood and will lead to confusion and chaos. A good leader wants to eliminate confusion and chaos among those whom he leads. Straight forward and simple is the best communication skill.

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